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African Abbreviations

Browse 2,075 acronyms and abbreviations related to the African terminology and jargon.

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AAfricanRate it:
A2NAfrica 2000 NetworkRate it:
AAAAAfrican American Alumni AssociationRate it:
AAAAAAnderson African American Alumni AssociationRate it:
AAACAfrican American Advisory CouncilRate it:
AAACAfrican American Advisory CommitteeRate it:
AAACAssociation for African American CollegiansRate it:
AAACAfrican Arab Asian and CaribbeanRate it:
AAACCAfrican American Art and Culture ComplexRate it:
AAACCAfrican American Art Culture ComplexRate it:
AAACCAfrican American Arts and Culture ComplexRate it:
AAACCAfrican American Arts Culture ComplexRate it:
AAACSAfrican American and American Cultural StudiesRate it:
AAAEAsian American African and EuropeanRate it:
AAAGAfrican American Affinity GroupRate it:
AAAGAfrican Affairs Advisory GroupRate it:
AAAGAfrican American Association Of GeorgiaRate it:
AAAGAfrican American Association of GhanaRate it:
AAAHAnimated Atlas of African HistoryRate it:
AAALIAfrican American Achievement And Leadership InitiativeRate it:
AAALIAfrican American Achievement Leadership InitiativeRate it:
AAAMAssociation of African American MuseumsRate it:
AAANAfrican American Academic NetworkRate it:
AAANAfrican American Alumni NetworkRate it:
AAARSAfrican American Adolescent Respect ScaleRate it:

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