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!WXTThe FLOAT device-independent X coordinate of the right edge of the plot windowRate it:
!WYBFLOAT device-independent Y coordinate of the bottom of the plot windowRate it:
!WZTFLOAT device-independent Z coordinate of the top edge of the 3D plot windowRate it:
.NL.Not Less ThanRate it:
1GLFirst Generation Language (Machine Language)Rate it:
2GLSecond Generation Language (Assembly Language)Rate it:
3GLThird Generation LanguageRate it:
4GLFourth Generation LanguageRate it:
AAAcquired AttributesRate it:
AAAASCII Adjust after AdditionRate it:
AAAAAcademics Activities Assembly AdvisoryRate it:
AADASCII Adjust before DivisionRate it:
AADAlter All DataRate it:
AADASCII Adjust for DivisionRate it:
AAMASCII Adjust after MultiplyRate it:
AAOAdd And OverflowRate it:
AASASCII Adjust after SubtractionRate it:
AASCAssembly of Agency Staff CommitteesRate it:
AASDAAsante Akyem South District AssemblyRate it:
ABAlways BlurRate it:
ABAAdd B To ARate it:
ABWArray Bounds WriteRate it:
ACAlign CentreRate it:
ACAlternate CharacterRate it:
ACBLAdd Compare and Branch LongwordRate it:

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