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Astronomy Abbreviations

Browse 1,040 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Astronomy terminology and jargon.

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11D11th DimensionRate it:
4D4th DimensionRate it:
5DFifth-DimensionalRate it:
A-GPSAugmented Global Positioning SystemRate it:
A-GPSAssisted Global Positioning SystemRate it:
AAAAmateur Astronomers AssociationRate it:
AAADAmateur Astronomers Association of DelhiRate it:
AAADAmateur Astronomers Association DelhiRate it:
AAAMActive Amateur Astronomers of MarylandRate it:
AAGAmateur Astronomy GroupRate it:
AALAstronomy Associates of LawrenceRate it:
AASAmerican Astronautical SocietyRate it:
AASArchaeology, Astronautics, and SetiRate it:
AASIAstronomical Association of Southern IllinoisRate it:
AATAnglo Australian TelescopeRate it:
AAVAstronomical Analogue VideoRate it:
AAVSOAmerican Association of Variable Star ObserversRate it:
ABBAfter the Big BangRate it:
ABBAADC Backend For Bolometer ArrayRate it:
ABFAstronomische Beeldverwerkings FaciliteitenRate it:
ACAscendant CuspRate it:
ACActive CoronaeRate it:
ACAAtacama Compact ArrayRate it:
ACITAutomatic Comet Imaging TelescopeRate it:
ACRIMActive Cavity Radiometer Irradiance MonitorRate it:

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