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Browse 8,981 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Chat terminology and jargon.

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!I have a commentRate it:
&Ampersand / 'and' signRate it:
(N)thumbs down (MSN Messenger)Rate it:
(Y)thumbs up (MSN Messenger)Rate it:
*BXStarboxRate it:
-_-Giving the "Evils" Or being annoyedRate it:
/R/RequestingRate it:
/SSarcasmRate it:
00HOut of HereRate it:
01134HelloRate it:
07734"hELLO" upside downRate it:
0N0Oh No!Rate it:
10QThank YouRate it:
10XThanksRate it:
1174Party meeting placeRate it:
1174Nude ClubRate it:
12The PoliceRate it:
121One To OneRate it:
134I Love YouRate it:
143I Love YouRate it:
1432I Love You TooRate it:
14643I Will Always Love YouRate it:
14AAA41One For All, And All For OneRate it:
187murder/homicideRate it:
18RText messaging shorthand for "later": 1 = l 8 = ate r = rRate it:

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