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#!ShebangRate it:
#SCSouth CentralRate it:
100B-FX100BASE-FXRate it:
100B-T100BASE-TRate it:
100B-TX100BASE-TXRate it:
100BVG100BASE-VGRate it:
10B-F10BASE-FRate it:
10B-FB10BASE-FBRate it:
10B-FL10BASE-FLRate it:
10B-FP10BASE-FPRate it:
10B-T10BASE-TRate it:
10B210BASE-2Rate it:
10B510BASE-5Rate it:
1NFFirst Normal FormRate it:
2.5DTwo-And-A-Half-DimensionalRate it:
286Intel 80286 processorRate it:
2B1Q2 Binary 1 QuaternaryRate it:
2FATwo-factor authenticationRate it:
2GLSecond-Generation Programming LanguageRate it:
2KB2,000 BytesRate it:
2NFSecond Normal FormRate it:
386Intel 80386 processorRate it:
3DS3 Dual ScreenRate it:
3GLThird-Generation Programming LanguageRate it:
3GPP3rd Generation Partnership Project—'3G commsRate it:

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