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DOS Commands Abbreviations

Browse 98 acronyms and abbreviations related to the DOS Commands terminology and jargon.

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%%identifies the variable in a Batch file FOR - %%A - IN ( [X] [Y] [Z] ) - DO loopRate it:
%0a Batch command that replaces %0 with its own filenameRate it:
%1first replaceable argument in a Batch file beyond %0Rate it:
*Wild Card in searchesRate it:
?Place holder for a single unknown character in searchesRate it:
@ECHO OFF Batch file commandRate it:
ACMEAcme (computer virus), a computer virus which infects Microsoft DOS EXE filesRate it:
APPENDApplication File search pathRate it:
ASSIGNASSIGN or Re-assign the specified driveRate it:
BACKUPBack-up filesRate it:
BREAK[ON/OFF] watch for a break in execution, or notRate it:
CALCCALCulatorRate it:
CALLInvoke a Batch file as a subroutineRate it:
CHCPCHange Code PageRate it:
CHDIRChange DirectoryRate it:
CHKDSKCheck DiskRate it:
CLSCLear the ScreenRate it:
CMDCommandRate it:
CMDCommand PromptRate it:
COLORChange the color of the DOS environmentRate it:
COMMANDa Batch command (under DOS 2.0)Rate it:
COMPCOMPare FilesRate it:
CONAccept CONsole (keyboard) outputRate it:
COPYCOPY a fileRate it:

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