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ADFIAnti Drug Federation of IndiaRate it:
ADHLAlcohol Drug Help LineRate it:
ADHSAlcohol and Drugs History SocietyRate it:
ADICAlcohol and Drug Information CentreRate it:
ADICAlcohol Drug Information CentreRate it:
ADIHAntituberculosis Drug Induced HepatotoxicityRate it:
ADIRSAlcohol and Drug Information and Referral ServiceRate it:
ADIRSAlcohol Drug Information Referral ServiceRate it:
ADISAlcohol Drug Information ServiceRate it:
ADISAlcohol and Drug Information SchoolRate it:
ADNFAnnual Drug Notification FormRate it:
ADOMAlcohol and Drug Outcome MeasureRate it:
ADPAlcohol and Drug ProgramsRate it:
ADPCAlcohol and Drug Policy CommissionRate it:
ADPCAlcohol and Drug Policy CouncilRate it:
ADRAdverse Drug ReactionsRate it:
ADRAdverse Drug ReactionRate it:
ADRACAdverse Drug Reaction Advisory CommitteeRate it:
ADRBAberrant Drug Related BehaviorsRate it:
ADRMAcquired Drug Resistance MutationsRate it:
ADSUAnti Drug and Smuggling UnitRate it:
ADTCAdult Drug Treatment CourtRate it:
ADTCAlcohol and Drug Treatment CenterRate it:
AERDAspirin-exacerbated respiratory diseaseRate it:
AFIDAdvanced Frontiers in DrugRate it:

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