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Emoticons Abbreviations

Browse 377 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Emoticons terminology and jargon.

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!-(Black eyeRate it:
!-)Proud of black eyeRate it:
#-)Wiped out, partied all nightRate it:
#:-)Smiling with a fur hatRate it:
#:-OShockedRate it:
#~?Puzzled SmileRate it:
$-)Won the lottery, or money on the brainRate it:
$-)Thinking of moneyRate it:
%(|:-)Propeller-headRate it:
%+{Got beat upRate it:
%-(ConfusedRate it:
%-)Dazed or sillyRate it:
%-)DeathRate it:
%-6Brain DeadRate it:
%-\Hung overRate it:
%-{IronicRate it:
%-|Worked all nightRate it:
%-}Humorous or ironicRate it:
%/HangoverRate it:
%\HangoverRate it:
%–)ConfusedRate it:
( 8(|)HomerRate it:
( .. )AlienatedRate it:
( Y )Butt CheeksRate it:
(( )):**Hugs and kissesRate it:

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