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Browse 1,005 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Forums terminology and jargon.

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AABFAustralian Arab Business ForumRate it:
AAFAmerican Action ForumRate it:
AASFASEAN Automobile Safety ForumRate it:
ABDFAustralian Bearded Dragon ForumRate it:
ABEFAylsham Business and Enterprise ForumRate it:
ACAAnti-Corruption AgencyRate it:
ACAFAfrican Cultural Art ForumRate it:
ACAFAlexandria Contemporary Arts ForumRate it:
ACFAmerican Composers ForumRate it:
ACIFAnti Counterfeit and Infringement ForumRate it:
ACLFAnnual Chapter Leader ForumRate it:
ACMFASEAN Capital Markets ForumRate it:
ACMFAdvanced Cranio Maxillofacial ForumRate it:
ACOFAnthony Callea Official ForumRate it:
ADAFAmerican Decorative Arts ForumRate it:
ADFAWR Design ForumRate it:
ADFTAfrican Designers For TomorrowRate it:
AEBFAsia Europe Business ForumRate it:
AEBFAsean Energy Business ForumRate it:
AECFAtlanta Electronic Commerce ForumRate it:
AEFAdvanced Electron ForumRate it:
AEFAdvance electron forumRate it:
AFATM ForumRate it:
AFCSAspen Forum for Community SolutionsRate it:
AFFAsian Financial ForumRate it:

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