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Browse 11,143 acronyms and abbreviations related to the General terminology and jargon.

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%PercentRate it:
&cand so forth [et cetera [Lat.])Rate it:
10-QSBQuarterly and Transition Reports of Small BusinessRate it:
10dten penceRate it:
12NCTwelve digit Numerical CodeRate it:
1QFirst QuarterRate it:
24/7Twenty-four hours a day, Seven days a weekRate it:
2QSecond QuarterRate it:
3PL3rd Party LogisticsRate it:
3QThird QuarterRate it:
3YPThree Year PeriodRate it:
4QFourth QuarterRate it:
5SSifting, Sorting, Sweeping, Standardizing, SustainingRate it:
5XBCOER5 X-Bar Central Office Equipment Reports SystemRate it:
5YPFive Year PlanRate it:
6SSifting, Sorting, Sweeping, Standardizing, Sustaining, SafetyRate it:
6SSix SigmaRate it:
AArchivesRate it:
AApprovedRate it:
A & GAdministrative and GeneralRate it:
A&MApproach and MethodologyRate it:
a/oand/orRate it:
A/RAs RequiredRate it:
A/VAudio/VideoRate it:
A2KAccess to KnowledgeRate it:

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