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Guilds Abbreviations

Browse 277 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Guilds terminology and jargon.

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AASRAncient Accepted Scottish RiteRate it:
ABGAmerican Brewers GuildRate it:
ACEGAfghan Carpet Exporters GuildRate it:
ADGArt Directors GuildRate it:
ADGArchitectural Design GuildRate it:
AGAfter GuildRate it:
AGAAmerican Guild of AppraisersRate it:
AGAGArkansas Gospel Announcers GuildRate it:
AGAGAnimated GIF Artists GuildRate it:
AGGGArtists Guild Gallery of GreenvilleRate it:
AGGGArtist Guild Gallery of GreenvilleRate it:
AGOAmerican Guild ofRate it:
AGWBAuckland Guild of Winemakers and BrewersRate it:
AHGAmerican Herbalists GuildRate it:
ANGAmerican Needlepoint GuildRate it:
AOHAncient Order of HiberniaRate it:
AQGAuckland Quilt GuildRate it:
AQGAsheville Quilt GuildRate it:
AQGArizona Quilters GuildRate it:
ASGAssociated Scholars GuildRate it:
ASGAmerican Sewing GuildRate it:
ASGAdult Swim GuildRate it:
ASSGAustralian Screen Sound GuildRate it:
ATGAt The GuildRate it:
ATGAccordionists and Teachers GuildRate it:

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