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&AndRate it:
(AC)Abdominal CircumferenceRate it:
(CPAP)Continuous Positive Airway PressureRate it:
(CRL)Crown-Rump LengthRate it:
(HC)Head CircumferenceRate it:
(IMRS)Integrated Medical and Rehabilitation ServicesRate it:
+Present or NotedRate it:
++Present SignificantlyRate it:
+++Present in ExcessRate it:
+/-Uncertain/equivocalRate it:
+vePositiveRate it:
0Not Present OR No abnormalityRate it:
10/52ten weeksRate it:
10L10( hilar nodes' station) Left (side)Rate it:
10R10( hilar nodes' station) Right (side)Rate it:
11L11( hilar vessel nodes' station) Left (side)Rate it:
11R11( hilar vessel nodes' station) Right (side)Rate it:
14CCarbon-14Rate it:
15/60fifteen minutesRate it:
1L1(supraclavicular nodes' station number) Left ( side)Rate it:
1R1(supraclavicular nodes' station number) Right (side)Rate it:
23vPPV23 valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccineRate it:
2L2 (Upper Paratracheal nodes' station) Left (side)Rate it:
2R2 (Upper Paratracheal nodes' station) Right(side)Rate it:
2VHPVBivalent HPV VaccineRate it:

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