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2DFTwo-Degree FieldRate it:
6MWTSix Minute Walk TestRate it:
A-SiAmorphous SiliconRate it:
AAPIAmerican Association of Physicians of Indian originRate it:
ABRAmerican Board of RadiologyRate it:
ACCPASNT Central Certification ProgramRate it:
ACRAmerican College of RadiologyRate it:
ADCLAccredited Dosimetry Calibration LaboratoryRate it:
ADNIAlzheimer Disease NeuroimagingRate it:
AECAmbulatory emergency careRate it:
AECUAmbulatory Emergency Care UnitRate it:
AFMAtomic Force MicroscopeRate it:
AFZRAutism-Free Zone RequiredRate it:
AHSAlien hand syndromeRate it:
AIMSAbnormal Involuntary Movements ScaleRate it:
ALCArgon Laser CoagulationRate it:
AOAAtaxia with oculomotor apraxiaRate it:
APAnterior-PosteriorRate it:
ARFAcute rheumatic feverRate it:
ARTAdaptive RadioTherapyRate it:
ARTAchilles Reflex TimeRate it:
ASNTAmerican Society for Nondestructive TestingRate it:
AVNAvascular necrosisRate it:
B-GBragg-Gray cavity theoryRate it:
BA8Brodmann area 8Rate it:

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