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Browse 32,018 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Military terminology and jargon.

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2LMRole 2 Light ManeuverRate it:
2LTSecond LieutenantRate it:
2W2-WireRate it:
3-DThree-DimensionalRate it:
3-DOFThree Degree Of FreedomRate it:
30 FAR30th Field Artillery RegimentRate it:
31DMobile Subscriber Equipment OperatorRate it:
33WArmy designation for electronic warfare repair specialistRate it:
36RQF36th Rescue FlightRate it:
37FPsychological Operations (PsyOps) SpecialistRate it:
38TMW38th Tactical Missile WingRate it:
3ACC3A Central ControlRate it:
3ACR3rd Armored Calvary RegimentRate it:
3CR3rd Calvary RegimentRate it:
3DSDigital Decision Display SystemRate it:
3JRThird Battalion Jamaica RegimentRate it:
3MMaintenance and Materiel ManagementRate it:
3XMAG3X Magnifier lensRate it:
4-W4-WireRate it:
407 RRD407th Radio Research DetachmentRate it:
442 RCT442nd Regimental Combat TeamRate it:
46RBroadcast Public Affairs SpecialistRate it:
48 FW48th Fighter WingRate it:
4CSConfirm, Cordon, Control, ClearRate it:
4ID4th Infantry DivisionRate it:

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