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Browse 3,337 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Physics terminology and jargon.

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0D0-DimensionalRate it:
19FFluorine-19Rate it:
1DOne-DimensionalRate it:
1PIOne Particle IrreducibleRate it:
2-DTwo DimensionalRate it:
2B1QTwo Binary One QuaternaryRate it:
2D WAXDTwo-Dimensional Wide-Angle X-ray DiffractionRate it:
2DEGTwo-Dimensional Electron GasRate it:
2DHGTwo-Dimensional Hole GasRate it:
2LOT2nd Law of ThermodynamicsRate it:
2PETwo-Photon ExcitationRate it:
2PH TDFTwo-Particle-Hole Tamm-Dancoff ApproximationRate it:
2PPETwo Photon PhotoEmissionRate it:
3DThree DimensionalRate it:
3DFFMThree-Dimensional Fourier Filtering MethodRate it:
3DSSPPThree-Dimensional Static Strength Prediction ProgramRate it:
3DWBAThree-body Distorted-Wave Born ApproximationRate it:
3PEThree-Photon ExcitationRate it:
4DBFourth Dimensional BobbleRate it:
4THDFourth DimensionRate it:
AAmpereRate it:
AAbsorbanceRate it:
AAtomicRate it:
ÅangstromRate it:
A-BOMBAtomic BombRate it:

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