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Rabbis Abbreviations

Browse 26 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Rabbis terminology and jargon.

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AATFApproved Authorised Treatment FacilityRate it:
GCARGreater Carolinas Association of RabbisRate it:
MalbimMeïr Leibush ben Jehiel Michel Weiser (1809–1879)Rate it:
Ra'ahAharon HaLevi (1235–1290)Rate it:
RabadAbraham ben David (1125–1198)Rate it:
RadakDavid Kimhi (1160–1235)Rate it:
RalbagGersonides (1288–1344)Rate it:
RamMeir ben Samuel (1060–1135)Rate it:
RamachMoshe Hacohen (1874–1950)Rate it:
RamakMoses ben Jacob Cordovero (1522–1570)Rate it:
RambamMaimonides (1135–1204)Rate it:
RambanNahmanides (1194–1270)Rate it:
Ramchal or RamhalMoshe Chaim Luzzatto (1707–1746)Rate it:
RashbaShlomo ben Aderet (1235–1310)Rate it:
RashbamSamuel ben Meir (1085–1158)Rate it:
RashbiSimeon bar Yochai (1st century)Rate it:
RashiShlomo Yitzhaki (1040–1105)Rate it:
RCRBRabbis and Cantors Retirement BoardRate it:
Re'emElijah Mizrachi (1455–1525)Rate it:
RemaMoses Isserles (1520–1572)Rate it:
RibanJudah ben Nathan (11th-12th centuries)Rate it:
RifIsaac Alfasi (1013–1103)Rate it:
RitvaYom Tov Asevilli (1250–1330)Rate it:
RivamIsaac ben Meir (1090–1130)Rate it:
RivashIsaac ben Sheshet (1326–1408)Rate it:

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