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Science Fiction Abbreviations

Browse 1,504 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Science Fiction terminology and jargon.

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0XZero-X spacecraftRate it:
A51Area 51Rate it:
AAAmazon AllianceRate it:
AAAGHAlien Assignment Agency General HeadquartersRate it:
AAFAlien Ant FarmRate it:
AATArmored Assault TankRate it:
ABTAnglo Babylonian TimeRate it:
ACAsheron's CallRate it:
ACIOAlien Contact Intelligence OrganizationRate it:
ACMGArthur Clarke Mars GreenhouseRate it:
ACMPAnime Colony Merecenary PoliceRate it:
ACNAnother Cult NetworkRate it:
ACRONYMArcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding MysteryRate it:
ADAlliance of DestructorsRate it:
ADAncient DragonRate it:
ADAMArmored Defense and Artillery MechanismRate it:
ADAMAssemble, Dammit, Assemble MeRate it:
ADAMAutonomous Digital Assault MicrobeRate it:
ADBAndroid Debug BridgeRate it:
ADDAfter Death DisciplesRate it:
ADDAstral Destruction DragonRate it:
ADEAfter Death ExperienceRate it:
ADNAlliance Defense NetworkRate it:
ADOMAncient Dungeons Of MysteryRate it:
ADRAgent D ReaperRate it:

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