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Slang Abbreviations

Browse 40 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Slang terminology and jargon.

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BAMBold Aggressive MoveRate it:
BECB*itc Eating CrackersRate it:
BJITSBiggest Judge In The SchoolRate it:
BOBBrainless Obese on BenefitsRate it:
BUBUSlang term for the most beautiful of womenRate it:
CKSCuddles, Kisses and SexRate it:
COLABINSlang or abbreviation for Colaborate. Used in Musical terms. EX. I am Colabin with my bro on a beat!Rate it:
CUNTCreative Undeniable Natural TalentRate it:
CUNTCute Unique Nice and TalentedRate it:
DANNYDuplicating Another's, Not Necessarily YoursRate it:
DIGGINSSlang for a residence or workplace (not an acronym)Rate it:
DTFDown The FrontRate it:
DYMCDon't Yank My ChainRate it:
ECCSEtymology of Coarse and Controversial SlangRate it:
FavoritesPlural noun for favoriteRate it:
FFFFFind them, Feel them, F*** them, and Forget themRate it:
HDASHistorical Dictionary of American SlangRate it:
JUULingSmoking a JUice USB Lighting e-CigaretteRate it:
KWBKardashian Wanna BeRate it:
LTLaugh Trip (Phillipino slang)Rate it:
M8YMateyRate it:
MUCHACHONASSpanish slang: Meaning Very Gorgeous/Attractive WomenRate it:
MUVASlang definition for Mother (not an acronym)Rate it:
NRsNo RepliesRate it:
ODMSOxford Dictionary of Modern SlangRate it:

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