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#Number sign, octothorp; special function keyRate it:
*Star, special function keyRate it:
1000BASE-T1000 Megabits per Second, Baseband, Twisted PairRate it:
100BASE-T100 Megabits per second, Baseband, Twisted pairRate it:
100BASE-T2100 Megabits per Second, Baseband, Two-pair Category 3 UTP cablesRate it:
100BASE-T4100 Megabits per Second, Baseband, Four-pair Category 3 UTP cablesRate it:
100VG100 Voice Grade (IEEE 802.12 AnyLAN Standard)Rate it:
10BASE-T10 Megabits per second, Baseband, Twisted pairRate it:
1BTSPSNumber 1B Traffic Service Position SystemRate it:
1FBSingle line, Flat Business rateRate it:
1FLOne Flat LineRate it:
2GSecond GenerationRate it:
2GSecond-generation mobile telephone systemRate it:
2WTwo WireRate it:
3GThird Generation (mobile communication system)Rate it:
3G3rd GenerationRate it:
3G HSPAThird-Generation High-Speed Packet AccessRate it:
3GIPThird Generation Internet ProtocolRate it:
3GPPThird Generation Partnership ProjectRate it:
3GSMThird-generation Global System for Mobile (communications)Rate it:
3RNGRThree RingerRate it:
3WCThree Way CallingRate it:
3WOThird Wire OpenRate it:
4 GIG4 Giga Intellectual GadgetRate it:
4GFourth GenerationRate it:

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