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Browse 314 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Twitter terminology and jargon.

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#FFFollow FridayRate it:
#LESMLaw Enforcement Social MediaRate it:
#MDMSMillion Dollar MindsetRate it:
/R/RequestingRate it:
1V4One Vs FourRate it:
403Deny Access ToRate it:
4FSFor F***'s SakeRate it:
775Kiss MeRate it:
:-)SmileRate it:
= 3POMF (What are we gonna do on the bed?)Rate it:
@Reply to [username]Rate it:
A/NAuthor's NoteRate it:
AAPAnarchy Arrogance PollutionRate it:
AFAfter FateRate it:
AGIGAmerican Girl InstaGramRate it:
APUAs Per UsualRate it:
AWSAwesomeRate it:
AYEGAre You Even Goth?Rate it:
BAEBBefore Anyone Else BabeRate it:
BFFWBest Friends Forever WorkRate it:
BMBad MessageRate it:
BOHBro Over HoesRate it:
BOLBark Out LoudRate it:
BRBest RegardsRate it:
BTIBash Twitter IdiocyRate it:

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