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Wannas Abbreviations

Browse 137 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Wannas terminology and jargon.

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AINNAAin't this so?Rate it:
AiteAll rightRate it:
ATCHUAt YouRate it:
BCOSBecauseRate it:
BETCHABet YouRate it:
BTWBorn To WinRate it:
CheTheRate it:
COULDACould HaveRate it:
CRCrazyRate it:
DATheRate it:
DADDo As DemandRate it:
DEREThereRate it:
DEYTheyRate it:
DIZThis IsRate it:
DIZ DAThis Is TheRate it:
DONCHAdon´t youRate it:
DONNOI don´t knowRate it:
DOODITDid itRate it:
DUNDon'tRate it:
EJITIdiotRate it:
EXSExcessRate it:
FARKA substitute for F***Rate it:
FULLAFull ofRate it:
GETCHAGet YouRate it:
GFGod FatherRate it:

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