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WWRHWank With Red Hair
NIETid är pengar
CHEFC = Creativity H = Hand by E = Excellent F = Food
GGGGGame Grumps Got Grumped
M2WManufacturing 2 Wholesalers
D.P.Decimal Place
PORBIt's when you wanna type PORN but instead, you make a mistake and type PORB. Then you start to be curious of this word and go to a dictionary but you find NOTHING
DBOYZDBOYZ: Driven Beyond Our Youthful Zeal #Osagie J Ehebhamhen
OTLO"Only The Loyal Ones" A group founded on loyalty created by a group of lost kids with some hope from Lincoln Heights.
CROW BOYI was curious cause I was called that in school try to help me if you can thanks
CTCFor duplicate
PWIPrimarily White Institution
IKYRTI Know You Read That!
TASThat’s after school
LMORLeft Me On Read
LAIZENDe beste vriend ooit
ROGRepublic Of Gamer
SDFJSDFJ stand for ShiDaiFengJun. It is a entertainment company named TimeFengjun located Chongqing, China. The company was established in 2009. It have the most popular Chinese idol group TFBOYS and lots of trainees.
KFDSKids Falling Down Stairs
SPLRSupplier: An external organization that provides (Supply) goods and services to its clients. (i.e. IKEA is the main supplier for our offices' furnitures)
PJTLPararescue Jumper Team Leader ?
RODO[PL] Ogólne rozporządzenie o ochronie danych osobowych (GDPR)
TGWBThe Great White B*tch
FRHNFurther Reaches of Human Nature

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