What does AC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AC:



AircraftAir Force
Air ConditioningHospitals
Alternating CurrentArchitecture
Air ConditionerTransportation
Access ControlCyber & Security
Atlantic CityStates
Air CooledTransportation
Advisory CommitteeGeneral
Area CodeTelecom
Annual ConferenceConferences
All ConditionsTransportation
All CurrentAccounting
Advisory CouncilGeneral
Antonio CarlosNames and Nicknames
Activated CarbonEnvironmental
Academic CommunityUniversities
All ClearMilitary
Animal CrossingCommunity
Asphalt ConcreteTransportation
Air CanadaCompanies & Firms
Athletic ClubAthletics
Anonymous CowardChat
Air CoolingTransportation
Asheron's CallScience Fiction
Aircraft CarrierMilitary
Alan CoxFamous & Celebs
Active ComponentMilitary
Adult ContemporaryMusic
Asociacion CivilSpanish
Art CenterPerforming Arts
Animal ControlUS Government
Assessment CenterMilitary
Arctic CatCompanies & Firms
Allis ChalmersCompanies & Firms
Advisory CircularTransportation
After ClassHospitals
Additional ContentDatabases
Activity CenterGeneral
Audio CodingGeneral
Always ConnectedTelecom
Application ContextSoftware
Action CenterNews & Media
Andersen ConsultingCompanies & Firms
Axiom of ChoiceMathematics
Alcohol ConcentrationTransportation
Anti ChristReligion
Armor ClassMilitary
Area de ConservaciónSpanish
Automatic ControlElectronics
After CreationReligion
Antique CopperProducts
Before MealsPhysiology
Actual CountUSPS
Autonomous ControlElectronics
Associazione CalcioItalian
Alley CatVeterinary
Armored CableTelecom
Arc ConsistencyMathematics
Area CoordinatorOccupation & Positions
Albany CountyState & Local
Audio ComputerHardware
Aromatic CarbonChemistry
Applied CommunicationEducational
Arizona and CaliforniaStates
Aircraft CommanderTransportation
Atlantic CrossingTransportation
Applied CommunicationsAcademic Degrees
Air ControllerTransportation
Audio CodeElectronics
Acción CatólicaSpanish
Analyst CertificationOccupation & Positions
Absolutely CharmingChat
After ChemoOncology
Adventure ClubSports
Advanced CreditUniversities
AVX CorporationSuppliers
Amherst CountyState & Local
Alternate CharacterAssembly
Andrew ChristianNames and Nicknames
Aqueous CoatingManufacturing
Aerodynamic CenterNASA
Assistant CameraOccupation & Positions
Automation and CommunicationsMilitary
Auto CarrierTransportation
Army ComponentMilitary
Acromio ClavicularPhysiology
Action CatNames and Nicknames
Anticoagulation ClinicLaboratory
Attack CityMilitary
Armored CorpsMilitary
After ChampionshipSports
Albert ChampionFamous & Celebs
Albert CliffordNames and Nicknames
After the CataclysmUS Government
Almost CountryMusic
Amplifier ComboMusic
Amazing CatFunnies
Air CommanderMilitary
Amplifier CombinationElectronics
Active CountChemistry
Ambulance ChaserLaw & Legal
Another CatNames and Nicknames
Aunt CarolNames and Nicknames
Aunt CindyNames and Nicknames
Anne CameronFamous & Celebs
Acceptable ContentChat
Air CavalryMilitary
Alt CatacliusChat
Authorization CenterTelecom
Armed ConstabularyUnited Nations
Adriamycin and CytoxanChemistry
Academic CounsellorOccupation & Positions
Army CompanyMilitary
Andrew ColinNames and Nicknames
Aqua ColorColors
Armored ConvoyMilitary
After CrowningSports
Analyst ConsoleMilitary
Align CentreAssembly
Area ConsultantEducational
Aaron CurtisNames and Nicknames
Airframe ChangeTransportation
Archaeological ConservancyNon-Profit Organizations
Abstinence CommittedPhysiology
Always CrapChat
Active CoronaeAstronomy
Attack CatVeterinary
Aaron CarrNames and Nicknames
Abandoned CatVeterinary
Acción ComunistaSpanish
Aerodynamic CodeSoftware
Assumption ContextMathematics
Armored ClassMilitary
Allan CarlNames and Nicknames
Abnormally CruelLaw & Legal
Attendance CompletedEducational
Algoma Central Railway IncorporatedRailroads
Alvin CrawfordFamous & Celebs
Aunt ChristinaNames and Nicknames
Ante Cibum - before mealsPhysiology
Apache ConfiguratorSoftware
Alliance Capital Management Holdings, L PNYSE Symbols
Agency CharacteristicUS Government
Authorize CaptureMilitary
Authenticast CometSoftware
Accommodations CodeTransportation
Anal CatchFunnies
Adriana CoolFunnies
After CubsSports
Ascendant CuspAstronomy
Awfully CrummyFood & Nutrition
Absolutist CutestChat
Autocraft CarrollCompanies & Firms
The Art ClanPerforming Arts
Associazione CircleSports
Area CommandPolice
Assist-Control (a form of mechanical ventilation)Physiology
Administration CommitteeNon-Profit Organizations
AcreUnit Measures
Annual ClosingBanking
American CoastGeology
Alternative CareHospitals
Appellate CourtLegislation
Acceptance CriteriaSoftware
acidBritish Medicine
Assembly CompleteNASA
Augmentative CommunicationBritish Medicine
Activity CheckGaming
America's CupShipping & Sailing
Ask comUnclassified
Ac CobraUnclassified
Australian CurriculumAustralian
Auto CarriersBusiness
Accounting CouncilAccounting
Adrenal CortexBritish Medicine
an academicAcademic & Science
Abbreviations comUnclassified
Acute CareBritish Medicine
Allyl ChlorideBritish Medicine
Alternate CurrentUnclassified
and CEUnclassified
Antecubital ACUnclassified
Antonio CatalanUnclassified
'A' ComplementMathematics
Abdominal CircumferencePhysiology
Abdominal CompressionBritish Medicine
Absorption CoefficientBritish Medicine
Acapella ChoirMusic
Accademia del CimentoSocieties
Accademia della CruscaSocieties
accelerationBritish Medicine
Accommodative ConvergenceBritish Medicine
acetateBritish Medicine
acetoneBritish Medicine
acetylBritish Medicine
acetylcholineBritish Medicine
Acoustic CouplerComputing
Acquisition costMilitary
Activated CharcoalBritish Medicine
acupunctureBritish Medicine
Acute CholecystitisBritish Medicine
Added ConstraintMathematics
Adenylate CyclaseBritish Medicine
Adherent CellBritish Medicine
Adjuvant ChemotherapyMedical
Advanced Audio CodingComputing
Affordable CarsProducts
Air CadetAir Force
Air ConductionedBritish Medicine
Alcoholic CirrhosisBritish Medicine
Algoma Central and Hudson Bay Railway (Algoma Central Railway)Railroads
Allied CommitteeMilitary
Alternative CurrentAcademic & Science
Alveolar CrestBritish Medicine
Ambulatory CareBritish Medicine
Ammonium ChlorideBritish Medicine
Analog ComputerHardware
Analogue ComputerHardware
ante cibum–before mealsBritish Medicine
Anterior ChamberBritish Medicine
anterior chamber of eyeMedical
Anterior CommissureBritish Medicine
Aortic ComplianceBritish Medicine
Arabinosyl CytosineBritish Medicine
Arm CircumferenceBritish Medicine
Armed ConflictMilitary
Army CadetMilitary
Ascending ColonBritish Medicine
Assist ControlBritish Medicine
Assistant CommissionerOccupation & Positions
Assumption CollegeColleges
Assurance CheckManufacturing
Atrial ContractionBritish Medicine
Attenuation CoefficientPhysics
Audit CommissionBritish Medicine
Collier (Auxiliary, Coal)Shipping & Sailing
Companion of the Order of AustraliaAustralian
Comptroller OfficeNASA
Additional ChargeAccounting
Abhay Charanaravinda, SwamiReligion

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